What FASTRANS  Will Do For You

With our extensive experience in the industry, over 5500 projects to date, Fastrans’ unique system of logistics and inventory management has proven its value. But as opportunities to improve our system – and our value to customers – become evident, Fastrans evolves accordingly.

  • We team with your IT staff to create an efficient, confidential Enterprise information System – at no additional cost to you - A Million $ -plus investment to optimize the flow of Purchase Order information throughout the Supply Chain is what sets Fastrans apart. Our technological advantage eliminates traditional pitfalls of outsourcing because all parties – including you – see and foresee all phases of the project as they occur. We have full-time programmers on staff that continually upgrade and improve our responsiveness to client requirements.

  • We quote every project in advance - A detailed analysis and freight budget is prepared in advance of every project by Purchase Order. This information is then made visible on our PO Tracking application to help monitor all freight costs and help with decision making when delays may necessitate expedited shipments.

  • We upload your Purchase Order information - This allows us to maximize the tracking value of your purchase orders by eliminating problems caused by manual entry of key data. Your assigned project manager reviews the information for errors or oversights, prior to uploading, to ensure that all parties are working from identical information.

  • We assign each of your Purchase Orders to an expeditor - This Fastrans expeditor is selected based on their familiarity and experience with your vendors’ people and operating systems, typically providing an additional layer of checks and balances by uncovering information that may not be known by all parties within the vendors’ company.

  • We fax the vendor a confirmation order - In doing so we establish that an order has been placed and by whom, and request an initial expected ship date to ensure it corresponds to the date the materials are needed at the property. This becomes the product “must have date”, and is the baseline used for identifying potential delays to your project.

  • We call your vendors within 24 hours of receiving Purchase Orders – Ensures that we are correctly identified as the primary contact point, done so to prevent vendors from shipping materials prior to when needed or to an incorrect location.

  • We contact the vendor again weekly - Weekly verification that no unforeseen circumstances have taken place that will impact the “must-have” dates. If a potential delay is encountered, instant notification via email and telephone is sent alerting you of the problem. This enables the proactive shifting of “must have” dates well in advance, reducing the need for expensive expedited shipments and assisting with accurate planning of staffing levels needed at the property.

  • We establish the most cost-effective routing - Proactive planning for the most cost effective method of routing materials while achieving operational objectives.

  • We maintain vendor compliance evaluations - Available on-line for future corrective action. Identifies trends of poor performance or substandard packaging that result in higher than average claims ratios.

  • We track the status of each and every shipment, and update the system when they are delivered - We proactively communicate with the responsible receiving parties to verify that they have received the materials into inventory. Any OS&D (Over, Short or Damages) are then noted into the system. In the event off site warehousing is used, accurate inventory reporting is made available through the website.

  • We file claims when necessary - Using our claim tracking system, we’ll generate and manage claims against vendors, carriers and warehouses. We confidently accept full responsibility for filing claims because the Fastrans system tracks and manages project flow via a thorough paper trail.

  • We internally audit the carrier’s invoices - Ensures the proper mode of transportation was used, and the carrier applied the proper class and rating basis.

  • Invoicing contains specific Purchase Order information - Enables ease of processing that requires fewer internal resources to correctly match invoices to the correct property in addition to other auditing processes.

  • We generate a Receiving Report to the warehouse/job site - Upon confirmation that the shipment is within the carrier system. This process eliminates any potentially confusing or illegible handwritten paperwork that is typically done in the warehousing industry. Our receiving report ensures accuracy within the system, since all data originates from your original purchase order.

  • We generate a comprehensive delivery receipt for our warehouses - (when applicable) for precise delivery information. This receipt includes critical information such as the receiving report #, the P.O. #, description of items and side markings.

  • On Line FF&E ordering by Installer / Contractor – Virtually eliminates the finger pointing that occurs when improper materials are delivered, and provides an historical trail of accountability for damage and shortage issues.

  • We maintain electronic copies of all documents - POD’s and other pertinent documents are available on line.

  • We conduct a thorough post-project review - to learn how we may enhance our service to you on the next project, and we modify operating procedures accordingly.