Why Use Freight Management

by | May 20, 2022 | Resources

If you’ve yet to utilize a freight management company to assist with renovations and new builds, you could be leaving dollars on the table. An effective freight management company can prove to be an invaluable resource to your projects, saving both time and money.

A trusted Logistics Services partner will:

·         Free up valuable assets of your team to concentrate on core responsibilities rather than  the tracking and tracing of vendor related items

·         Increase your work force with professional logistics personnel at no additional outlay of payroll on your part

·         Give you the total control you need to adjust renovation schedules by identifying potential issues that could delay product to the property

·         Select the most efficient and economical method for moving your goods.

·         Audit for transportation overcharges

·         Recover potential lost monies due to freight claims not being filed properly.

·         Maintain accurate product inventory

·         Provide a trail of accountability from the inception of the purchase orders through the final sign off punch list.

·         Put positive cash flow back into the property in many cases quicker than originally scheduled

·         Protect your budget!

A solid freight management company will increase your control, allowing you to manage by exception instead of chasing the details. They’ll chart your progress, highlight potential trouble spots, and help you plan for the future…all this in a single place – across multiple purchase orders inside of multiple projects.  The end result is more timely and cost effective completion of projects and increased revenues.  The amount of money at stake can be significant.