Selecting a Turnkey Partner

by | May 20, 2022 | Resources

Managing the details of a new build, renovation or roll-out can be overwhelming.  The good news is that the right FF&E turnkey partner can actually enhance your control, not compromise it.  A well-designed supply chain for your new construction or remodeling projects will result in increased revenues through improved time to market, as well as a significant number of opportunities to reduce project costs.

While price will be a factor when selecting a partner, make sure they can answer the following three questions to your complete satisfaction.  If they can’t… move on – any initial price savings will be erased and long forgotten by project’s end:

#1 Control the Process – What are their procedures?

Project management is difficult enough without the proper systems in place.  Your provider should demonstrate an understanding of your industry and a proactive approach to keep your projects off the rocks.  Can you see their process saving you time and money?  Or causing you more work?  A solid partner will increase your control, allowing you to manage by exception instead of chasing the details.

 #2 Control the Information – How do they communicate?

The key to your command and control of the details is receiving timely information.  Your provider must communicate with your internal staff, vendors and purchasing groups with timely and accurate information, and keep you informed about those communications.  And you need to see it all – Complete Supply Chain Visibility – The status of your product should never be a question mark.  How do they keep you informed of issues?  Do they provide real-time access to project progress?  Do they highlight potential trouble spots, and help you plan for the future?

#3 Control the Execution – Do they “get it”?

An effective provider will maximize your control over variables that result in savings well beyond typical freight, storage and installation discounts.  They’ll know the challenges of new builds and renovations.  They’ll acknowledge you need the right product at the right place at the right time.  They’ll understand project delays drastically affect revenue and profitability.  They’ll agree that success is not just completing the project, but completing it with flawless on-time execution of complex logistics.