Keys to Inventory Management

by | May 20, 2022 | Resources

Maintaining accurate FF&E inventory for a new build or renovation requires a trail of accountability from the inception of the purchase orders through the final sign off punch list.  While there are no absolutes, we have found the following to be key in minimizing inventory and performance issues:

Establish the Rules.

Educate all parties.  The warehouse and the jobsite should be properly trained in receiving procedures and fully understand the significance of neglecting their responsibility in the process.

Speak the Same Language.

Often a product description on a purchase order does not have detail that matches a spec or cut sheet.  We recommend that a pack list be provided by vendors for every shipment.  This allows receiving paperwork to be created against the pack list so that product can then be more easily identified by the Jobsite when ordering for delivery to site.

Plan Tomorrow Today.

Or better yet, plan next week today.  While most warehouses will do all they can to meet last minute delivery requests, in the rush to make the customer happy errors can be made in loading the truck.  Any errors not identified at the time of delivery immediately comprises the project inventory.  The more notice a warehouse has for a delivery, the less likely there will be issues.

Trust…But Verify.

Jobsite deliveries can be hectic.  Often the goal is to clear the truck as quickly as possible to make way for the next one.  Instead, make sure at the time of delivery the driver is counting the product as it is offloaded from the truck.  Speak with the jobsite at the time of delivery – address OSD’s immediately.   Confirm all paperwork.